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1031 Exchange Videos

To view any of the videos below, press the play button on the video player. Volume control can be found on the video player below, and also on your computer.

Anchor 1

Video: The Four Basic Guidelines (2 mins)

Video: Property Qualifications (2 mins)

Anchor 2

Video: Tax Deferral Requirements (2 mins)

Video: The Exchange Timeline (2 mins)

Video: The Identification Process (2 mins)

Video: Vacation Properties (2 mins)

Anchor 3

Video: The Reverse Exchange (2 mins)

Video: The Construction Exchange (2 mins)

Anchor 4

Video: Related Party Transactions (2 mins)

Video: Seller Financing (2 mins)

Video: 1031 Exchange Advanced Webinar (1 hour)

Video: 1031 Exchange Advanced Concepts (1 hour)

Video: 1031 Exchange Basics - Cantonese (8 mins)

Video: 1031 Exchange Pitfalls and Problems (1 hour)

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