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About Asset Exchange Company


Asset Exchange Company is a leading provider of 1031 Exchange accommodation services. Asset Exchange Company was founded with the ideal of unparalleled customer service at fair and reasonable rates. Choosing Asset Exchange Company as your exchange accommodator ensures:


  • Attorney Guarantee™ - Asset Exchange Company is the only company in the industry offering a guarantee that all exchange documents are prepared and reviewed by a licensed attorney.  A sound exchange agreement drawn, prepared and reviewed by a licensed attorney can be your best defense in the event of an IRS audit. Learn more about the Attorney Guarantee.


  • Funds Security - Exchange funds are deposited into FDIC insured accounts with leading financial institutions. Client exchange funds are never commingled with operating funds and Asset Exchange Company also carries substantial Errors and Omissions insurance and maintains a Fidelity Bond for added protection.


  • Integrity and Experience - Asset Exchange Company sets the standard for integrity and experience within the industry. Asset Exchange Company's extensive knowledge, attention to detail and expert guidance provide customers the highest level of service available in the industry.


  • Fair and Honest Pricing - With Asset Exchange Company there are never any hidden fees, layered costs or miscellaneous service charges.


Asset Exchange Company is also a member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, a professional trade association organized to promote the discussion of ideas and innovations in the industry and to establish and promote ethical standards of conduct for QI's.

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